Special Thanks:

For participation above and beyond the call of duty, I give Special Thanks to: Joel Kovitz, Bernie Kovitz, and the entire Kovitz Family, Jarrett Confrey, Shelly Flores, Bernard Delgado, Hugo Hidalgo, Linda Gochfeld


For their encouragement I wish to acknowledge the following:
Dennis Armstrong, Michael Cline (for showing me the Hegassen fart scrolls), Alex Espinoza, Dr. Martin Finkel, PFC Charles Gallaer, Teresa Gallaer, Mark Herdter, PFC Joseph Kulesz, Steven Manners and the Civilian Marksmanship Program, PFC Dania Martinez, Ted Menten, Carol Rial, Frederick Richter, Donna Romo, Carol Southern, Westside YMCA Writer’s Voice, Derry Newby and the staff of Krispy Kreme on W72st, NYC (where Joel and Paul met Sundays for several years).


Text written and edited by Paul Data, from Stories and Oral History as told by Joel Kovitz, PFC US 41st Inf Div WWII
Poem “We Landed in New Guinea”, written by Joel Kovitz
Original period Photographs by Joel Kovitz (Zeiss Ikonta camera);
Photos Edited by Paul Data; Photos Digitized by Shelley Flores and Bernard Delgado
Other Photos by Paul Data
Website Design by Paul Data and Jarrett Confrey,
based on paper Conceptual Design by Paul Data
Video Interview Filmed by Paul Data, NYC 2002; Video Segments Edited by Paul Data, 2012, Video Digital Transfers by Mark Joyner
Original Watercolor Paintings by Hugo Hidalgo
WWII era Ephemera collected by Paul Data, Digitized by Shelley Flores